Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ‘Send Invites Now’ powered by Kids Can Give Too? is an extension of Kids Can Give Too, Inc. is a responsive web-based custom invitation app that allows kids to collect money instead of gifts and easily share half of that birthday money with a charity. We mail a check to the chosen charity and send a VISA Gift Card to the child to buy a meaningful birthday gift. More about How It Works. ‘Send Invites Now’ was created so that birthday party venues can easily co-brand our software to serve their customers. We provide FREE invitations, whether their customer chooses to use our charity feature or not, as well as free customer service support for every birthday party hosted by the participating venue. The landing page, registration process and invitations are branded to the venue.

  2. What if my party host does not want to host a charity party?

    No problem! Party host parents have the ability to choose the charity option or to send regular invitations that will allow for traditional gifts.

  3. What features will our party hosts receive?

    In addition to sending an unlimited number of customized party invitations via email, text or printing, party hosts will also be able to customize the invitation with a picture, easily track rsvps, read comments from guests, view gift amounts in real time, send messages to guests, send and receive automatic RSVP notifications and update party details in case of changes.

  4. What features will our venue receive?

    Venues receive a landing page customized with your venue logo, photo and colors. We will provide each venue with a branded template pdf in case the party hosts wants to print paper invitations from their dashboard. We also provide co-branded informational cards directing party hosts to ‘Send Invites Now’. Kids Can Give Too, Inc. will also provide complete customer support. Once the venue sends the customer to us, we do everything else.

  5. How much does it cost to participate?

    Our pilot program is FREE of charge. Since we are a startup with the goal to become sustainable and continue to allow charities to participate for Free, there may come a time when we have to charge a small software as a service fee. But, if or when that happens, it will be reasonable and your venue will be notified and given 30 days to consider participation.

  6. How will ‘Send Invites Now’ work with my current booking systems?

    We have created stand alone software that will not require integration with your current systems. It will be as easy as notifying party hosts who book in house with a flyer directing them to our web portal. Party hosts who book online can receive the link via email. We take it from there.

  7. How do I sign up my venue for a partnership?

    Start by filling out our CONTACT FORM. We will contact you within 24 hours to collect your logo, a high res pdf of your party venue or any other image you would like, 2 preferred branding colors and 3-5 of your favorite local charities that you would like listed on your custom landing page. Then, we will create your materials and review everything with you. You will be up and running within a week.

  8. How do I choose my charities?

    Venues have the option to feature 3-5 local charities on their page. You may want to consider charities that will promote the fact that you are hosting charity birthday parties in support of their organization. Party hosts will see those charities as featured when they log-in to register their party details, but will be allowed to scroll through all participating Kids Can Give Too charities.

  9. Once we are set-up, what is required of my venue?

    After the set-up process, you will only be responsible for passing the link to your party hosts. You will have access to a Venue Dashboard where you can see your current parties and your totals raised for charities. This information will be useful for your social media content and blogs so that you can share the great things you are doing with your community.

  10. Will I be able to see which customers are using the software and how much money my venue has raised for charity?

    Yes, every venue partner has a secure dashboard that they can login to at any time to see current party hosts, past party hosts, amount raised by birthday boys and girls at your venue and whatever else we can think of.

  11. Will my venue be able to market to party guests?

    Yes, you will be able to market to party guest by uploading coupons and offers from your party dashboard.

What is Send Invites Now? is powered by Kids Can Give Too, Inc. We make it easy for birthday party venues to quickly co-brand our online invitation/RSVP software to serve their birthday party customers. We also offer an awesome charity feature that allows birthday boys and girls the chance to share their birthday gifts. Kids GIVE to the charity of their choice and they GET a VISA gift card to pick out a meaningful gift.